About Us
GralicWrap.com is an open-effort, world-wide, user contribution based approach to combating fraud on the Internet.

Owned and operated by Intelisys India Ltd, GralicWrap.com is based upon mutual benefit and contribution from Internet users around the world to fight against the ever-growing number of fraudulent websites on the Internet.

GralicWrap.com is based in Mumbai, India.

Tel: 91-22-56642122
Fax: 91-22-56642100

Intelisys India Ltd is a Mumbai, India based Software Development Company. Though there are different Software Products under development by our team, currently Gralicwrap.com is the only Software we have launched and it is our Flagship product. Future releases planned include Anti-Spam Software and Identity Protection Software.

We welcome your suggestions and contributions to our Gralicwrap.com Software Program.

We also welcome Partnership programs (such as sharing fraudulent website databases / spoof email databases) with leading Anti-phishing Groups and Solution providers.


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